From the past to the future

We are proud to look back on a successful company tradition and would like to share it with you:

1938 Dr. Richard Schröter buys the Fa. Autoprodukt GmbH, Halensee. Automotive parts and joint discs are produced.

1945 After World War II : New company foundation in Berlin as HARDI Dr. Richard Schröter.

1952 Start of Production of electrical fuel pumps.

1955 Death of Dr. Richard Schröter.  The widow continues to run the company.

1957 Development of the best-selling E57 pump for auxiliary heating

1960  Jakob Felsner becomes new managing director.

1965-69 Series supplier for the 6-cylinder engine of the Porsche 911.

1980 Death of Jakob Felsner and takeover of the business management by Dr. Jürgen Felsner.

1990 First contact with the Staiger family and outsourcing of the production of turned parts.

1996 2.5 Mio. fuel pumps have already been sold worldwide.

2015 Foundation of the HARDI Automotive GmbH through the Staiger family and purchase of the HARDI Dr. Richard Schröter GmbH & Co.

2016 Relocation of the company to Bösingen-Herrenzimmern and transition into the HARDI Automotive GmbH